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Submitting Requirements
Application materials cannot currently be submitted in-person; applicants may need to adjust how they complete and submit certain requirements. See for details.
Review your application instructions to view important information. Instructions are located in the “Requirements” tab. Click “Show Instructions” to view.
COVID-19 & Education Abroad
Students interested in studying abroad in 2021 are encouraged to prepare for both a term abroad as planned, and the possibility that the suspension of education abroad may be extended instead. See the notice on the Student FAQ page for more information.
Not offered- Summer 2021 Independent Global Internships
UVA Independent Global Internships will not be offered as in-person options for summer 2021, due to ongoing global concerns about health and safety. Students who are interested in international internship positions are advised to consider participating other UVA internship programs and/or in the Summer 2021 Virtual Global Internship program, which will likely feature remote positions with Independent Internship-associated organizations.