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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for UVA Global Internships: Independent Internships.

Summer Budget Sheet for UVA Global Internships: Independent Internships
Summer Budget Sheet for UVA Global Internships: Independent Internships
Budget Item In-State Out-of-State
Tuition *   $383.00 $496.00
Billable subtotal:  $383.00 $496.00
Total: $383.00 $496.00
Costs listed above are for Summer 2020

Each student participating in an Independent Internship is responsible for developing his/her own estimated budget for housing, transportation, daily expenses, and other costs associated with his/her experience abroad. This is a function of the fact that each student’s summer experience will be individualized based on timing, location, support, and other variables. Advice for how to develop an informed estimated budget is included below.
All Independent Interns will be enrolled in and billed by UVA for tuition for the online 1-credit GSGS 3540 course in the summer 2020 term. Additionally, all Independent Interns are required to purchase CISI health and emergency insurance for the duration of their internship abroad, and they will be prompted to do so in their post-acceptance requirements.
Withdrawal & Refund
Students are responsible for study abroad tuition and program fees once they have committed to attending a program. Please refer to the Withdrawal and Refund policy before committing to your program. Once you have committed, you will be subject to the policies found at In some cases, there will be no refund available.

For Summer programs, the following schedule applies:  
Billable Fees** include:
  • Tuition for courses described in brochure
Non-Billable Expenses:
The following list of non-billable items is by no means exhaustive and will differ for each individual student depending on his/her personal needs, location, length of internship, personal choices, and many other important factors. 
It is wise to thoroughly research potential costs you are likely to encounter during your particular internship experience abroad. Resources that may help you to develop an informed estimated budget for non-billable expenses may include (but are not limited to): previous Independent Interns; guidebooks and online travel resources for your destination; cost-of-living calculators (e.g.
Fluctuations in international currency will affect total expenditures. 
  • International Airfare
  • ***CISI emergency and health insurance for duration of time abroad (approximately $8.25/week or $30/month) – Enrollment in CISI is required for all independent UVA travelers.  Please see the details of CISI coverage below
  • CISI emergency and health insurance beyond one’s internship dates (if engaging in elective travel before/after internship period)
  • Transportation to/from airport to internship location
  • Daily local transportation to/from internship office/site
  • Meals
  • Housing
  • Other utilities associated with housing (e.g electricity, water)
  • Laundry
  • Internet and phone service
  • Course materials
  • Immunizations and other health supplies
  • Passport fees
  • Visa fees
  • Personal travel beyond the scope of the program
***CISI Insurance details:
  • Weekly rate of $8.25 = 7 days, with no grace period (including transit days). This rate converts to the monthly rate (below) on 22nd day of travel.
  • Monthly rate of $30 per month includes a 5-day grace period.  On the 36th day, the traveler will be billed for 2 months.
***CISI insurance is a primary health and emergency evacuation insurance. In addition to providing accident and sickness insurance, the plan will cover medical evacuation and repatriation as well as security evacuations should they become necessary. And unlike many domestic insurance plans, the CISI plan will pay 100% of covered expenses without requiring a deductible. In addition to the above, the Team Assist Plan was designed by CISI in conjunction with the Assistance Company to provide travelers with a worldwide, 24-hour emergency telephone assistance service.

Trip/travel Insurance: The ISO recommends that travelers consider trip insurance that can be tapped in the event travel to or from the education abroad destination is interrupted or in the event itinerary changes become necessary.
 **The University of Virginia reserves the right to adjust all program charges, without prior notification, for increases associated with but not limited to, the cost of instruction, foreign exchange rates, and Board of Visitors changes to tuition and fees.
In addition, the University of Virginia reserves the right to alter or cancel this education abroad program in the event of an emergency, changes in operating conditions, or under-enrollment.
* Billable item